Garden Update 3-31-11

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Due to my dogs fondness of digging, I have not been able to get my garden straightened up like I want to. ERGH! He digs wherever there is space to get in, so I have tomato cages, old plastic fence, bamboo poles, etc all over the garden to detour him from getting in there. It’s NOT working well. Hubbie is going to build me a fence!! Hopefully this weekend even!!! EXCITED!

At any rate, here’s the embarrassing picture of what my garden looks like right now.

Garden 3-31 
Sad, isn’t it? I tried to get a picture far back so you wouldn’t see all the holes from the dogs digging in it. HEHEHE! The kids have been digging in it too. I am letting them dig for now. It’s a good way for them to explore! Later, when I move my quickly growing tomatoes and other plants into the garden, they will not be allowed to dig. They REALLY enjoy weeding and watering as well (weird aren’t they?!) so that will be a new chore. Their absolute favorite part of the garden is the harvest though! Whether I know they are harvesting or not they love to get out there and pick beans, tomatoes, peas (these usually don’t make it into the house), raspberries (neither do these), strawberries (or these! Sigh…) and more. I love their love of gardening!

For now we have a new setup for our indoor plants that are quickly growing and we have a cold frame on the front porch. I have been explaining to them about the need for heat to have the seeds to germinate and sprout. Our garden is a classroom in itself and I love sharing it with them.

Indoors Growing since March 1:
Tomatoes Peppers
- Health Kick Roma
- Viva Italia Roma
- Fresh Salsa Roma
- Italian Gold Roma
- Mr. Stripey
- Garden Peach
- Long Keeper
- Window Box (for my parents)
- Ground Cherry
- Orange Bell
- Sonora
- Gold California Wonder Sweet
- Marengo Yellow Bell

Started in Coldframe:
Squash/Zuch Cukes
- Sunray Yellow Squash 
- Saffron Yellow Squash
- Goldetti Spaghetti Squash
- Teeny Zucchini
- Burpee Zucchini Hybrid
- Eightball
- Gourds
- White Wonder
- Pickalot
Herbs Misc/Flowers
- Rosemary
- Marjoram
- Borage
- Sweet Basil
- Genovese Basil
- Cilantro
- Italian Parsley
- Eggplant
- Thumbelina Zinnias
- Dahlia
- Nasturtium
- Marigold
- Katz Fragrant Mix

Starting in Garden in April or May:
Lettuce Misc/Flowers
- Buttercrunch 
- Simpson Elite
- Vivian Romaine 
- Spinach
- Burpee Zucchini Hybrid
- Eightball
- Gourds
- Kholorabi
- Sugar Snap Peas
- Bush Blue Lake 274 Beans
- French Breakfast Radish
- Petite n’ Sweet Carrots
- Plus more flowers!
Herbs (in pots)
- Stevia
- Greek Oregano

HSVI am linking this garden update to the Homeschool Village Garden Challenge! You can visit to get more information and join yourself. I love digging in to other gardening posts. HEHE!


Zonnah said...

I love the layout of your garden! I feel your pain about the digging, I had to fence in our garden for the exact same reason.

Susan said...

Wow! I love your list of plants! Stevia would be a lovely addition to our garden! (And your photo is just perfect.) P.S. Next link up is April 28th 10am EST!
Susan - The HSV TEAM

jen said...

Your outdoor garden is going to be huge! So exciting. When we had a dog we had to do the fence thing around our garden too to keep him out. It was also useful for keeping the one year old in at the time!

Michelle said...

Wow, I'm impressed with that list! And a bit jealous of all the yumminess that's going to bring. :)

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