Kids and Medicine (Series)

Monday, October 18, 2010

Recently, my family came down with a pretty severe head cold (and it wasn’t because we ate cheese off the supermarket floor). We've had out share of colds. I believe we were even struck by the horrible H1N1 flu last summer. As with any cold/flu/illness that has the option of being treated with over the counter medicines I begin to question things. Is it bad enough? Are the medicines safe enough? When? How much? And so much more. Maybe I am odd about all of this?

Grab my Button!I am starting a serious this week focusing on kids and over the counter (OTC) medicine, especially with babies and younger children because that is where we are at in our household. I do have a great guest post put together from Dawn from 5 Kids and a Dog discussing OTC meds with teenagers too. Great tips and advice from her!

You may not agree with my standings on things, but that is okay. I am curious how other families deal with this issue be it that they condone the use of medicine or not. Maybe you go a bit more herbal? Maybe you only accept info and prescriptions from your doctor?

I hope you join us!Check out the first post here: Taking Medicine when Pregnant

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