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Thursday, October 14, 2010

I could NOT believe what I saw. I really think my germ phobia (more on this coming next week in my series of Kids and Medicine too) was taken to another level the other day. I also think that some day my germ phobia is going to incapacitate me. I really need to RELAX a bit. Or do I?

I was grocery shopping. I was fortunate to not have any kiddos with me this time around, but I’ve shopped with four kids before so I know the stress. You definitely aim for stores with free snacks, like the bakery with kid cookies or the deli with cheese slices. These little tidbits are a GREAT distraction with kids so that you can quickly move through shopping or to be used as a reward for being such great little people during a boring shopping spree.

Here’s where the horror of all horrors can happen though. Little one is munching away, happy as a peach, on their treat when they drop it. Mom swoops in to salvage save the day… Do you: 

A. Pick up the treat, blow/dust it off and hand it to devastated kiddo.
B. Comfort poor little one and move on slipping the treat into a trash can.
C. Return to the counter with dropped treat and request another one.

Personally, if I do not have another equally satisfying treat in my bag I will and have returned to the counter with crying little one in tow to get a replacement. I have seen on a few occasions someone who will pick up the treat, dust it off and hand it back to the kid. (Everything within me is screaming at this point and I am silently gagging.) Could you imagine?! Or am I just insane? Wait… don’t answer that… HAND it BACK to the kid?! Do you have ANY idea what’s been on that floor?! Oh  I just cannot go there.


Fire Life said...

Oh- Gross!!! I just cringe thinking about watching someone handing it back. I tell my kids too bad. Although they don't typically get to eat while we are shopping. I can't imagine picking something up off the floor of the market and eating it. Yuck!! :)

Dawn said...

Now that's just plain GROSS! No, I would not and do not give my kids something edible back that has landed on the floor of a store. No way. Home? That's a different matter. At least all the germs are ours! lol Still, ew!

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