The Cold Train

Monday, October 11, 2010

We are starting it up again. The frustrating thing is that with family it doesn’t matter if you want to come aboard or not, you will inevitably get sick once it starts. I just don’t like being sick. It’s so… so… UGH! Mom’s don’t get days off either. However, I would prefer getting sick FIRST. Odd isn’t it? Why would I want to get sick first and spread it to the kids? Well, first off I might not spread it to the kids. I would like to think I wouldn’t sneeze in little faces or rub my nose on their pant legs. I’m pretty sure I can handle that. The biggest reason I’d prefer to get sick first is because than I can empathize their illness and know better how to treat them.

OH and maybe, just maybe, not get so frustrated with the whining that comes with the illness because I will know how they feel. Sigh… Need to work on that one.

I am starting up a series next week on kids, colds and medicine too. I’d love to hear your input on this topic and have you join in with a few of my guest posters too.


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