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Wednesday, August 04, 2010

I have attended quite a few twitter chats/parties recently and I’m always frustrated that I cannot keep up. I had to find a way to make what I knew how to work WORK for me. I can now say that Tweetdeck is my answer to ALL twitter chats/parties and I want you to see how you can use it too.

First of all, you will need a few things:
1. Twitter Account (yah, I’m serious… I am not insinuating anything here, just covering the bases. Hehe…)
2. Tweetdeck (a fantastic FREE way to access your twitter account)

Once you have those here is how you setup for a twitter event. I LOVE this!

Log in to your twitter account and find the administrators of the twitter party you want to attend. Add these twitter peeps to a list that you make. (I call mine ‘’TwitterParty’. (Added tip: You do NOT have to follow someone to add them to a list.)

Make sure you have you hashtag figured out for the party as well. (A hashtag is a word that is proceeded by a # symbol. So #whatever is a twitter hashtag.)

Next, open Tweetdeck and click on the Add Column button in the upper left corner. (Added Tip: You can see a list of all the hashtags you’ve used on twitter in Tweetdeck right under where you type in your tweets! Love this list! Makes it easy to add your hashtags fast.)
Using the Search feature for your party hashtag, type in the exact hashtag you want to follow. This will bring up a new column on your Tweetdeck screen.
You will also need to add another column from the Groups/Lists settings; your 'TwitterParty’ list.
Once you have those columns added to your deck you can move them to be the first columns on your list so you can see them easily by clicking the arrows at the bottom of their columns.
Are you still following me here? You should now have 2 new columns (at least) on your Tweetdeck screen and you can have them all the way to the left where you can see them easily or wherever you need them. I also like to be sure my Mention me screen is up so that I can see who is talking to me during a chat/party easily too.
Now you are all set to follow a Twitter chat/party! You can go in and adjust your update times if you’d like or let Twitter do that for you. With this setup though you can be sure to catch the questions from the admin’s of the party, people talking to you and join in on some of the general chatter too.

There are other programs out there that does all this too, this just Works for Me and I just like to get ALL my tweets in one place. What do you use to join in on Twitter chats/parties? Does it work well for you?

Feel free to ask questions in the comment and I will respond there. :)

Notice: I am NOT associated with Tweetdeck. I love using Tweetdeck though.


Sue said...

I LOVE tweetdeck! It has made navigating around twitter so much more enjoyable.

I'm so glad that you joined the Hip Homeschool Hop today. :)

The Homeschool Chick

LaVonne said...

I am always getting behind in a Twitter party too. The hashtags are so slow when you just use Twitter. I will have to check out TweetDeck. I have heard of others using it too.

Giveaway Blogs said...

Great Info! Thanks for taking the time to put everything in a post!
Found you through BlogFrog!


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