Four Legged Love

Thursday, August 12, 2010

We weren’t even looking. We were discussing a new dog but I didn’t think we’d get one while we still had our current dog, Ezekiel. Guess what we got… A new puppy. A new 70+ lb puppy to be exact. Complete with lots of bad habits! Haha… I think I’ve truly and completely lost my mind.

Rigley is our new “puppy” and he’s a real sweetheart actually. (Yes, bad habits and all.) He’s a FAST learner so we are removing bad habits each day. He gets along with our current old dog too. I’m very happy to have him in our family. Wouldn’t you?
RigleyCollage The kids all LOVE him and he’s learned to be very gentle around Squeaks. The biggest issue is kids toys. He has got to learn to leave them alone, but I know he really is still just a puppy. He’s learning! We are all learning with him too.

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I seem to be loving me lots of dogs these days, huh?


Anonymous said...

What a cutie!!


Jane in AUSTRALIA said...

he is sooo cute.
By the way I love you polka dots.

Im here from 31DBBB and SITS
just spreading the love

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