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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

We had a moment of quiet in the house so Hubbie and I were chatting. (One of the first things I love! Quiet time with Hubbie.) It’s always nice to chat with my Hubbie, even if he can be a smart alec. Hehe… See we weren’t talking about anything in particular. Nothing really important. I made a casual comment that I would like an IPad. Hubbie didn’t respond so I figured it wasn’t worth pursuing. Besides, I don’t NEED an IPad I just think they look cool and would be fun to play around a bit. My laptop is very nice though so… no need.

Well, Hubbie went out in the kitchen and comes back shortly. He hands me this:
IPadGet it? I didn’t… at first. It’s an EYE-Pad. Funny Hubbie… I’m still laughin’. (Can’t you just SEE the sarcasm there? Hehe…) Okay, so I admit it. I did laugh and threw it at him. Hehehe…

Well after all this goofiness my Hubbie excitedly hands me another little scrap of paper (we had Chinese for dinner). I skeptically accept it. His “fortune”:
Fortune Now what lunatic fortune cookie maker puts THAT kind of fortune in a cookie that a man will eat and possibly use to manipulate his wife? Hee hee hee… Yah… Silly boy… Gotta love ‘em! (And I do!)

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Nicole said...

Well, you have to admit that eye-pad is a lot cheaper!

stan said...

that eye the sky!

Stephanie and Ted said...

I had to click over after that Twitter intro! LOL

Don't you love the male perspectives on life, especially the smarty pants ones? It's cool that you and your husband were able to have some quiet time and share some laughs.

God bless! ~Stephanie

Melissa said...

LOL My husband knows just how to make me laugh, too!

Trish said...

That is so cute, I also love quiet time with my sweetie and you hubz and mine seem to have the same sense of humor! I can totally see mine handing me the same paper...LOL!

Here is what I love this week:

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