You Are Doing it Wrong!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Awhile back I joined up with a blog hopping group to learn more about blogging and to challenge (SITS 31 Days to a Better Blogger challenge) myself to expand my blog more. This is a 31 day project but my head is REELING and it’s only Day 8. There’s so much to absorb and learn. Of course, I tend to be off topic with the challenge (and behind) or working on it all at a different angle, but I’m getting something out of it so it’s all good. Right? Right!

For example, we were supposed to email a commenter on our blog. Well, Blogger systems do not have an email option. So… I decided to take a different route and ‘update' my comment system to at least allow me to respond in a way that everyone can SEE I am responding. (Didja see it yet? We can all Reply to a comment on here and I have a cool new, nifty little Add You Comment button to make it easier for you to comment. Love that!) I am trying to figure out how to let you get your Twitter ID’s into your comment area. Would that just not be the COOLEST ever? I might not get there… but researching the code is always fun for me.

Something else I have learned is that I need to create myself a Blogger Badge or Blog Button. That should be lots of fun but I won’t have time right away to get it done (like I always like to do.) Maybe taking my time will help me though because obviously rushing an assignment on this challenge has only gotten me in trouble. (Okay, not in trouble but I did it wrong. Ya know, like on Mr. Mom and the Dad is taking his kids to school for the first time only he’s going backwards to drop off his kids? “Your doing it wrong.” That’s me! And whoops! I’m in a tangent. I think I just dated myself too. SIGH) I could defend myself a little bit and say I didn't totally do it wrong on my Day 7 Task. I have a link in there from another blog within the challenge. Does that count?

Anywho, I am going to try and be better about doing the assignments right. (See, my right hand is up!) I cannot promise anything though because I am always telling my kids, “Don’t promise me you won’t fight again. Everyone fights at some point in time. Just promise me you will try or better yet, promise me you won’t HIT each other.” (Okay, another tangent… sorry!) So I will TRY. I will try REALLY hard to not be the salmon in the group going the wrong way and disrupting class. (Hmm… homeschool really isn’t a bad idea is it? I’m sure my kids would drive their teachers nuts. OH wait! They ARE!)

Pinky swear? I really have a most awesome idea for my Day 8 post! You'll have to come back and see it.


Crayon Wrangler said...

OH I love the little comment button!! At least you weren't a salmon alone. I get so caught up with the kids and the in-laws (changing diapers, feeding 30 meals a day, watching oxygen levels, etc.) I don't know when my last shower was, much less what day of the challenge we are on!
BTW...thanks for the linky love earlier. I am working on my post as well.

Beth Zimmerman said...

You're doing great! But I loved the salmon analogy!

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