Are you Allowed to do That?

Friday, May 14, 2010

Kids are a handful and a hoot all at the same time! The things they say and do never cease to amaze me! Oh, and keep me laughing. Hehehe…

At any rate, due to a crazy schedule this week and the fact that my kids are surrounded by their grandparents who want to steal them away all the time, my older kids were shuttled around to different houses quite a bit. I recently found out that one of my kiddos is bold! See, my Dad was supposed to be bringing said kiddo back home but was apparently NOT moving fast enough (which is shocking because said kiddo never does anything quickly, is easily distracted and usually the LAST one ready at our house). So here’s what went down:

Grandpa is sitting in his easy chair, apparently taking it too easy so Bug comes up with hands on hips, “Do you want to get a spanking?”

”What?” The shocked Grandpa returns.

”Come on! Get your butt in gear, get your shoes on and let’s GO!”

I LOVE it! I NEVER would have gotten away with anything like that with my Dad. It’s so much fun to see my parents in this new role as Grandparents and my kids know they have them wrapped around their little fingers and can pull off a stunt like this. HAHAHHAHA!

imageOH and for the record, we do not SPANK for tardiness in this household. Not sure where that whole idea came in. Sounds more like it was used as a motivator. Hehehehe… 

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Little Bishops said...

I love you. OK, maybe that's a bit extreme since I don't know you at all. But you have officially made my day!!! You are my first ever participant in this!!! Thanks so much! I wish I had something that I could give you to show my appreciation. Hmm...I suppose as a small token, I am now following your blog. THANKS!!! I keep meaning to go back through and follow everyone who is following my blog and haven't gotten around to it yet. So it's done now...yours anyway.

Oh and I agree...watching my parents in the role of grandparents is amazing...and so much more rewarding than watching their parenting with us kids. It's amazing how transformed their relationships have become now that they have grandkids.

Cheryl@SomewhatCrunchy said...

Too funny! Yeah, I often have to ask my dad "Who are you?" because he's so much more laid back than when I was a kid. LOL

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