Garden Plans: What and Where to Plant

Friday, February 19, 2010

I've looked over my garden journal entries from last year and compiled a list of what I want to plant this year. I've even gotten so far as plotting out some of the garden!! So excited! The hard part will be finding the plants I want because I am not starting my seeds indoors.

To start though, I square foot garden. Last year my Hubbie built me some AWESOME raised garden beds and we are discussing expanding them this year! More room to plant more goodies! I am trying to take it easy with my planting this year and sticking with tried and true veggies (and some ordered online!) that we all love. Last year my garden got a little out of hand because I went crazy with planting, was preggo and Hubbie was MIA for some of the summer. I think the biggest problem was because I started a little over a zillion seeds indoors. Okay, maybe not a zillion! It felt like that though.

I digress... I START with plotting out each of my boxes into individual Square Feet. So I have a little grid to go by for where I want to plant. This really helps with deciding how MUCH I can plant. This year we are hoping to expand the gardens at the lower levels. I would like a half box for herbs and another full box for, ummm... plants!

After I decide on my variety of plants I go through and plot them in my boxes. I rotate my garden so that I am not planting the same plants in the same box each year too. I keep a record of all this in my garden journal.

Sounds like a lot of work? Well, since I start my planning in January or February it gets all spread out over a very long period of time. This year I am not able going to try starting my plants inside so that makes garden planning a lot more simple too. Planting starts in May and once they are in the garden it's fairly easy to keep them going from there. The kids LOVE to weed and harvest. I make sure they know what's coming up where so that they know what NOT to weed. Hehe... It's all a fun project for us!

I love gardening! Do you? Are you starting your garden plans? What will you be planting? I will compile a list of what I will be planting next.


Cheryl@SomewhatCrunchy said...

I did square foot gardening last summer for the first time and I loved it! But I need to scale back. I always want to can and freeze but waste a lot of food because I've planted too many different things. This year I'm sticking to peas, green beans tomatoes and my son will probably do some corn.

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