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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Due to babies timing of arrival I am not going to start my garden plants indoors this year. I've been very bummed about this but at the same time there is some relief in the idea of not tending to the little plant-lings. My biggest concern has been that I am familiar with the local plant stock and they rarely have the variety of (tomatoes) that I want in my garden. And there's always the plant stock that just doesn't grow for nothing too. Grrr...

To solve this issue I have decided to order our (tomato) plants online! I am SO excited!!! The cost of this is pretty steep, but I am hoping that the quality of the plant and how well it grows will out weigh that. (Really hoping!) I was not sure where to start with ordering plants online so I did a bit of research on that first and here's some sites I found to potentially order from:
After reviewing the list of tomatoes that I REALLY wanted to have in the garden I decided on Burpee's! I now have 6 varieties of tomatoes ordered that will be shipped to me in May for planting. I am getting:
This will be the most expensive garden I have ever done before, but it will also be my most worry-free-planting garden I've ever had too. :) I only intend to pick up a few other plants (that we know, trust and love) from a local vendor and the rest will be from seed. So now all I need to do is complete my Garden Planning.

Happy Dance!!
This works for me!!!

Notice: I am not being compensated by any of the online stores above.


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