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Thursday, April 25, 2013

imageI am a fan of Vemma. It is a liquid vitamin. Before I go any further though a few disclaimers:

I am not a doctor. You should speak with your doctor about any medically related questions you may have that include adding a vitamin to your diet. Be careful of food allergies, even in vitamin supplements.

I do not sell this product nor am I getting any kick back for talking about this product. I do have an advertisement for this product on my page but this is not part of that advertisement package. I was already using the product before I took on that advertisement.

There… Done with that mess. Now, about this liquid gold! I don’t know all the technical jibber-jabber to make it sound awesome. I am just a mom who started using it and found out who well it worked!

DSC_0045Vemma is a supplement in liquid format. The adult version of this taste a bit like pineapple, coconut yummy. The children's version (pictured here) is very much like orange juice. The fantastic little Verve in the photo is an energy drink combo of Vemma that will keep you going all. day. long.

I am a firm believer in variety in your diet is key too good health. Adding a supplement can help but it shouldn’t be something you rely on for good health. With Vemma being a liquid the body has an easier time absorbing all the goodies. That is a plus in my book!

Do you remember reading about some issues one of my kiddo's has been experiencing? Cyclic vomiting syndrome, IBD, colitis and now some weird thing I can't even pronounce let alone spell. Well, I am pretty sure that Vemma is helping my kid be more normal. Somehow it soothes the guts and it has definitely boosted them out of anemia. It is such a joy to see this kid up and running! Keep up with siblings! And keeping their head out of a bucket.

I love that I can read and understand what is IN Vemma too. Especially the section listing no artificial flavors, colors, gluten free and NO GMO! Woowho! Triple score! The kids have been very healthy this winter. I hope that they can continue that route. Even if one of them seems to have a body that wants to fight itself off. Vemma helps but I knew that it wouldn’t make everything perfect. I am thrilled with what I believe it has done for the kids though. You can learn more about the products by clicking the little rotating ad in my sidebar of clicking right here.

Do you use an vitamins at your house? Have anything to recommend?

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