U is for Umbrella

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

imageI never have them when I need one and when I do happen to have one it’s usually broken. Even a broken umbrella can help get back into a locked car though! That’s always good. Other than that I am almost to the point of NOT getting another umbrella. Do you have one that you can recommend? I find the ones that look like animals are super cute. I would love a great big umbrella that is clear. Matches everything! Right?

There are so many styles of umbrellas too. The enormous ones that will not hang off a stroller to save your life. The star wars kind that pop up and open like a saber. (These never get used for their real purpose around here so I try and avoid those now. Hehe…) The tiny pocket ones that I can’t even fit under alone and should never consider myself and four kids huddling under.

Maybe I should just get everyone their own personal poncho. Nothing beats a giant plastic trash bag in a monsoon. I could keep them in my purse like everything else.

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