Queen for the Day with Rest

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Welp… I got all messed up this weekend. Right now I am sitting here watching a Hallmark movie. I love Hallmark movies! They make me cry sometimes. This one is REALLY good and REALLY distracting.

At any rate, I need to try and catch up with my #atozchallenge! I had a HORRIBLE migraine starting on Friday and finally leaving me very late on Saturday. When it left though I was left with Vertigo. Not overwhelmingly awful Vertigo but just enough to be annoying. I have not had the weekend I planned to have of being Queen for a Day and lots and lots and lots and lots of Rest! I did get the Rest but not the Queen. Hehe… And actually it’s not really a Queen imagething it’s just that I have adjusted our schedule to accommodate me not performing a chore on Saturday or Sunday. I did this to help me with my feelings of being overwhelmed. Headaches and Vertigo do not help with feelings of overwhelmed. At all. Just in case you didn’t know that.

So… My plan is to make Saturday a mommy rest day. I don’t put chores on my Saturday to do list but instead fill it with things that I have been wanting to get to all week! Things like sewing, creating flower clips for my Etsy shop (I need to add more… that was something I was going to do this Saturday), taking pictures, playing a favorite computer game, etc. I try not to do things like vacuuming, making breakfast or lunch (I so wear out of making 3 meals a day! One of my toughest chores.), lesson plans, etc. Sunday is saved for lesson plans, meal planning, etc. I would use Sunday as my day of rest but by the time we get home most of the day is gone. I have recently found it so rewarding and enlightening to use a WHOLE day just for what I want to do instead of part of a day.

Queen for a day! I get to do what I want and rest. Amazing the amounts of rest that can occur even when working on something. Usually if it’s something you really love to work on. I did not get that this week due to having the world knocked out from under me. Literally at times. I hate trying to walk in a fun house. Maybe this coming Saturday I can try again. Yay!!

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