Thursday, December 13, 2012

I am dizzy. Ditzy? No wait... I always knew that! Now I just have it on ER record that I really am dizzy. Ha! They don't know who they are dealing with do they? Ha Ha Ha! Okay... enough of that... I am really messed up with this vertigo business right now. I just dreamed a second episode of it that is actually turning out to be true. Not a dream. Ergh... I hope this post will make sense when I hit publish because I am using it as an exercise. Ever since the vertigo has happened my eye-hand coordination has gone out the window. It is SO WEIRD! Extremely frustrating too. So I am using typing to help rewire those messed up neurons. Does that make sense? I am hoping it works.

At any rate, have you had vertigo before? I did not realize that on top of everything spinning out of control you can get nauseated and also lose mobility. It is not something to mess with. I felt like my whole body was just turned off and there was nothing I could do to turn it back on.
for the initial incident of it all I had someone ask me if I was having a heart attack and was told that the symptoms can be the same?! Weird.... All my tests came back that I am healthy though. They could not even detect a virus that they believe is causing all the problems. Labyrinthitis is what they called it. Ridiculous is what I call it.

Off to try and stand up straight.


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