Monday, April 01, 2013

I am going to start out my A to Z Blog Hop with a bang and probably scare off half the people who intend to visit me here. I just have to share something AMAZING! I should have done something about April Fools day, but I am no good at that kind of stuff.

I am a homeschool mom (which can be considered amazing in itself!) and I try my hardest to pick out quality curriculum that fits the needs of each of my kids. Every year I start pouring over catalogs, websites and lists to see what we have, what we need and what we may NOT need for the next year (sometimes the direction I want to go is not the direction we need to go). I love to try and get to conferences for homeschool to get more information and get recharged, but that is not always possible.

This year the most AMAZING thing has happened! Not only am I going to a conference but I am going to HUGE conference and I will be on my own!! Well... with a friend but without kids in tow to drag around to each booth. (Poor things! They tolerate so much but they are not thrilled about the planning part of homeschooling. They like to oogle over all there new stuff from the comfort of their home.) And all of this AFTER all the agony of our furnace even! (Which I wish had just been an early April Fools joke!)

This is totally a God thing to have so many details fall into place in such a short period of time!

Granted this amazing opportunity has left me with my brain spinning. I am currently wading through the list of sessions available that I can attend and choosing the ones that most interest me and meet our needs. So many choices!!! I have also been going over all the books, experiments, manipulative-s, etc we have in our home right now so that I don't make any impulse buys and get something we already have. This in itself is a huge task! I have four different grades to cover so there are mountains of books to work through. I think this is how people feel heading out to blog conferences? I know it must be how they feel to sponsored to an event. It's just family but I am still sponsored. Hehe....

This amazing weekend all started with a simple tweet from a twitter buddy. All she said was that she was going, was anyone else and would they like to have dinner. I made a pity party response which started an avalanche of ideas and suddenly I am going!

God has so blessed me!


Anonymous said...

YAY! Very happy for you. My oldest child is now 23 years old. I went out of town by myself for the first time last July. It was odd at first but then totally AMAZING to be responsible for no one by myself. Enjoy your conference.

Anonymous said...

LOL! congratulations on getting to attend a big conference w/o the kids. Guilt free! b/c they'd hate it, and you'll love it ;-D
Good luck on your A to Z this month!

Creative Fog
(#1513 on list, tho that changes when people drop out)

Jamie Clark said...

Jamie here, Just visiting from the A to Z ChallengeBeing Positive with a Depressive Soul

Lynn Proctor said...

hi from a fellow hschool mom :)

Andy Brown said...

Hi, you sound very excited. Good luck with it all.

Kelly Sedinger said...

Hello! I'm right in front of you on the A-to-Z List. Good luck and I'll be checking in again! :)

Jessi said...

That's awesome! It's amazing how these things can fall into place. :)

in the coop said...

It is amazing when the stars align and a mom gets to go do something fun without the kids. Have fun at your conference!
I see you are a gardening person. I love a good garden!
Good luck with the A to Z!

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