The Groove

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

I have broken so many grooves and gotten into so many ruts it's just insane! I am working on a NEW groove though. How long does it take to settle into a groove? Isn't it a rule of thumb that it's a few months for new habits to set in but just a few days for the bad ones? HAHA! I am stuck in bad habits. Well not like BAD, bad habits. Things like staying up too late bad habits or taking on more than I can finish in a day and than getting mad at myself for not finishing it. The usual "mom" bad habits.

 At any rate, I see so much that I want to do but I am also trying to clear my plate so that I can get to that new stuff. I hate leaving projects unfinished. Drives me a bit nuts. Maybe I am OCD about that? I should blog more because of that shouldn't I? (Whoops! Did I just call myself out on the lack of blogging?) I have a few web sites that I am finishing up for some other people. They are fun jobs and not really stressful but the people I am doing them for have not been pushing to get them finished either. I want them done though so I will do that. I am having fun learning more about photography. I have a TON of things to post in my Etsy shop but I need to bring in a bit more income before I can warrant the fee of selling online. (Kind of stuck in a Catch 22 there!) I have some parties booked for my little direct sales business that I love. (That's where I intend to get a bit of my cash for the Etsy.) Still plugging away at homeschool with the kiddos. They are learning in leaps and bounds right now! Never fails that I feel I should be getting new curriculum in the winter to keep up with them instead of in the fall. (Hey! That might not be a bad idea for planning next year!)

And right at this very moment... it's lunch time. Getting three meals a day on the table is not my fav chore in the world. I like cooking and I can plan meals without an issue but actually getting into the kitchen to make them. Ugh... It's worse than doing the more mundane chore of dishes. Wait... making food makes dirty dishes. Vicious cycle!


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