The Elephant in the Room

Sunday, December 16, 2012

This post originally covered a lot more. After reading my post over a few times though I realized that I was a bit off base with it. I spoke up about how schools should have more protection in place for kids and realized that the school in question did have some serious security measures in place. I showed some crazy outrage in areas that I feel were distasteful. I am leaving parts of the original post in place with all of this, but I am editing it too. It's my blog, right? My opinion and opinions can change. I know that. Sadly there are a lot of people who don't and just go off on people because they don't agree with an opinion. Sooooo... right up front here, are you ready? Someone else will be reading my comments for posting. If you don't agree with me, fine. That probably means I don't agree with you either. Let's accept that and go on our merry way. :)

(Original post) You see the elephant over there? It is always where it starts out. In the corner. All smushed up where an elephant never fits. Then when it comes out it is messy and people get mad. Friends become enemies. Yah... That elephant. I am going to call it out all over my blog and it will probably get ugly. Sigh... Come here elephant. (Edited) And I am finding more and more elephants to make a mess with these days too. I feel a need to escape from the news, from reality but it pushes in so much from all sides that it scares me.

(Original - Some edits that refer to the time period of events) Something horrible happened in our world recently. Again. Unimaginable grief is being felt for people many of us have never even met. How could this happen... Again... In such different context too. We must not have enough laws in place. Right?

I have seen so many petitions pop up on the web recently. More control. Who gets the control though? The dork who took control of way more people than he ever should have sure didn't take control through legitimate channels. He was totally in the wrong. Now where everyone else takes his wrong from here is where things will get sticky.

(Removed portion of post here)

(Original Post) Bad people do bad things. Bad people will always find a way to get ahold of what they shouldn't and use it for the wrong reason. Is everyone bad?

(Adding) I have seen a lot of things posted around on the internet about how the gun doesn't do the evil. That's true. I also saw a blurb about how cars aren't what cause the accidents but there are a whole lot of people who die from car accidents, are we going to ban those too? In a twisted way that makes sense.

(Removed portion of post here)

(Original Post) Bad people should be held in check and good people should not have their hands tied. Watch what comes up from this tragedy. I hope the good people triumph.
(Added) I don't believe heavy gun control by the government will solve this problem we have. I don't have a solution for it either. I am terrified that more and more of my rights as a person are being taken away because of idiots. I didn't do anything bad or wrong to people. Why am I being punished just because I live here? So I have been told to move. Yah... another can of worms, another time...

(Added... a bit off topic) Did you know that our country used to be a Republican? I was blindsided by this information. I was under the impression that we were a democracy. Well... actually we have become that and we don't really want that. Check it out for yourself! There's so much that I don't know and as I dig there's so much I don't want to know. I feel powerless. Trampled. Scared.

(Removed portions of post here)

For those who have read this far, angry or not, thank you for reading through my two cents. You didn't have to. :)

PS- Just remember... I will have someone else reading these comments for moderation.


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