Marriage is a Partnership

Monday, November 12, 2012

I think sometimes this can be hard to remember. Especially when you are under attack by outside forces. It’s easy to slip into the idea that EVERYONE is against you, including your spouse. My Husband and I just recently had fun (not!) with this very issue. I ended up really low from it all.

ringsI cannot imagine not having my Husband there to stand beside me. I forgot how much I rely on and appreciate his support! He is an anchor for me. Which is as it should be! We are partners in everything and we forgot that for a bit. He is not against me and I am not against him. In our conversation we thought back through the whole event and reassured each other that even at our lowest it wasn’t each other, it was the situation we were dealing with at that time. Sigh!

At any rate, so glad to have repaired our skewed views again. I am sure we will fall into this trap a few more times throughout our marriage. Maybe it’s a harsh reminder to be grateful for what we have? I’d like to think that I can remember this lesson without experiencing it again. Probably won’t work that way, will it? Hehe… Ah well…

Give your spouse a hug today! Try to flip your view a bit… what are they dealing with that may make them lash out at you? I hope you can side with them better than I did with my Husband. I left him high and dry in his fight because of what I thought as anger towards me.


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