Life is Busy...

Monday, November 05, 2012

I like it that way. Keeps me from having to think. I worry about being overly busy though because it means I am missing something that I shouldn't too. Somewhere. I know I am missing something. What? I'm not really sure. QUALITY time with kids is probably something. Definitely time with Hubby is something, but he is busy with his projects, work and new schedule to get accustomed to. Quiet time is something I am sure I am missing but I don't want it. It includes down time to think and that usually just leads to... to what? To... thinking. That's kind of lame isn't it? I don't like thinking right now is all. Tired of thinking. Matter of fact I am just plain tired. All the time. Not sleeping well at night does that and it's not just the kids keeping me up at night. I feel like I've hit a brick wall on sleeping and it just doesn't happen. Oh well... most likely a phase that will pass.

At any rate, back to the busy business. It's a pretty good busy at least. I have work! I started up my direct sales business again and have 3 parties this month. I rarely book in December or January though so it will be holiday/reorders for those months. My little fun creative spot on the planet, my Etsy Shop, is gathering about 2 orders a week right now and that just makes me feel good. I like that! I am working on some Christmas flower clips and a few more aprons too. I can't wait to get them finished and posted! I am also picking up my camera and running with photography like I've never done before. I love photography. I have always loved it. I just never had the guts to throw myself at it like I am right now (which isn't much of a throw mind you but I landed a wedding gig). What else... oh right! I am a web designer still and I am working on 1 site with another in the future. So I have 4 jobs? Crazy... I may be getting myself too busy and regret this later. For now... I'll avoid the quiet for a bit longer.

Off to prep for a party and work on packing an Etsy order before we start school.


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