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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Last week has been nuts. The weeks to come look to be even crazier. My Husband's job has adjusted and may be changing more soon too. We don't know yet. I think the not knowing is worse than just starting to get used to the changes. This will be huge changes though. I'm not happy about it all. Again though... nothing I can do about it but suck it up and adjust.

I had a post all thought out about this last night. I did not make notes of anything though so now I don't remember any of it. Thinking it through to get ready for a post helped me to feel better about everything though. Is your blog a form of venting and processing information for you? It is for me. I feel like writing helps me to look over all the angles and work through a situation before I explode from emotion on it all. Really trying to work on the emotional explosions around here. I don't need to add to the drama of everything going on.

We have not seen the changes yet. It's all speculation. We are awaiting to hear from the powers that be to tell us what they decide. When will they do that? I don't know. I have started adjusting our budget and schedule to fit what could happen. The budget adjustment was pretty cool though because when I adjusted it I included the older two kids in looking it over. They now have a pretty good handle on how to setup a budget! I created worksheets for them to work on and we did them together. I am very proud of them for working with me and the insights they picked up along the way were very neat. They really do grow up too quickly! I am considering posting my "budget class" on my blog here and see if others might benefit from it too.

I'm very worried about a few illness in the family right now too. My Mom is sick and it seems like all the Doc's are doing is grabbing at straws. My second child has been mostly confirmed with an illness called Inflammatory Bowel Disease (more on that later) and we are treating it with medication as well as making huge diet changes to help out but sometimes nothing seems to help. My third child currently has a cold... or something... it doesn't seem to be a cold. I am thinking maybe allergies. I'm worried it may asthma. I will have to figure that out soon. I'm waiting a few more days because if it is a cold it should be wrapping up soon. And by waiting I feel that I may be messing up.

I have started up my home businesses again. I wasn't going to but we could use the extra money for some things. I have a few businesses to work with up my sleeve. I am a web designer, a direct sales consultant and I have a little Etsy shop. I love them all but they all take a chunk of my time so that leaves my blog out. I have two web designing jobs right now, 3 parties scheduled for next month and have stolen any moments I can in our den with my glue gun and sewing machine. I should have another cute apron and several new hair clips to post in my shop soon! I love hair clips and fun frilly things.

So what happened to me? I fell off the side of earth. All though we have studied a lot of Columbus recently and the earth is round! (gasp) So how am I falling off the side? I don't know. I feel like I am sliding fast though and nothing can stop me. I am praying.


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