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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

I love my lesson planner! I have adapted it, added to it and even removed things that I first thought I couldn't live without. I now use my lesson planner on my computer and IPad so that I save on printing and binding! It's perfect for me!!! I had my FREE lesson planner available with signups to my blog newsletter, but there is something seriously wacky going on with feedburner right now. Sooooo... I decided to change all of that. Would you like my Free Lesson Planner without having to signup? Of course you would... who doesn't like free?

I would like to note that the Free Lesson Planner version that I have here is not the full version. I do have the full version with extra pages like four year planning guides, attendance, grade sheet, quarterly log journal pages and so much more! The Table of Contents in the Free Version will show you a listing of all the pages available in the Full Version of the Lesson Planner. If you would like the Full Version of my Lesson Planner, just click here.

I recently updated my Lesson Planner from plan old green and white to pretty with flowers and all sorts of fun colors! I love the new design of it. I recommend that if you are printing and want to save the color in your printer that you change the printing properties to black and white. This lesson planner has space for one student (maybe more) and has dates filled in for Aug 2012-July 2013.

I hope you enjoy this planner and that it fits your homeschool needs!


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