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Monday, October 29, 2012

I do not like halloween. Do you? It's just not my favorite holiday. When my Hubby and I got married I already knew that he and his family LOVED halloween. It's a major holiday for them! And it's not because it's spooky and scarey and all that. It's just fun for them. When we started planning babies though I started talking to Hubby about halloween and what we would do about it. (To tell you the truth I only remember trick or treating once! I may have gone a few other times, but I don't remember. And the one time I went was my parents driving us to our grandparents. That is it.)

We made a few compromises and I'm happy with the holiday now. It is fun for the kids and they love planning and/or making up their costumes each year. We don't permit anything gruesome, dead or dying. Only animal, plant, mineral, cartoon or real person costumes are permitted. No weapons are allowed. And my final push on the whole, "lets see how much candy we can take from everyone" was to give thank you notes back to the doors we stop at and limiting the amount of houses we stop at.

Each year what do the kids look forward to the most and fight over at each door? Not the candy being handed out. No... the honor of handing back one of our thank you note postcards that they have each decorated. We only give one at each door. Each kid decorates between 5 or 10 cards (depending on age and other factors... one year a few kids were sick so the others picked up the slack of decorating). Everyone who receives our thank you notes back loves them! Some houses that we visit tell us they still have the other card we gave them last year!

So now I would like to share with you our thank you cards for you to make with your kids! Click the image below, print on card stock, cut on the dotted lines and decorate! It's fun to use glitter glues, paint, crayon, marker and more. For us it depends on what we have time to work on. This year, I didn't have time for drying things so no glue and paint. The thank you cards really do add a twist to this holiday. Enjoy!


Amy said...

Thank you! I love this! I grew up like you, and my husband grew up dressing up and loving it.
I think we're going to do the same...nice, fun costumes and trick or treating to a few houses, and right now we're mostly doing houses where we know someone.
I love the thank you note, so thanks!

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