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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Pretty soon Facebook will require page owners to pay to promote their updates. I know that there are certain pages that will not be able to afford to pay an advertisement payment like that (ahem… ME!… cough cough). If I don’t pay (or if any of us don’t pay) to promote our posts, only about 10% of the fans will receive the updates on their newsfeed.

Sooo… to keep receiving ALL posts from your favorite pages that you like, here’s some directions for you:

Open the page that you like. Hover your mouse pointer over the like button.
FacebookLikeInterests1Select Add to Interest Lists…
FacebookLikeInterests2You can see here that I have already created a list called “My Likes” but you will most likely have to create a New List. So if you do not have a list created, select New List.
Here you will see the Fan Page you are adding to a list… but wait! Do an extra step to save you a ton of time later:
In the upper left corner select Pages. Suddenly ALL of the pages you have liked will pop up and you can select all the ones you want to keep a closer eye on. Wooowho! After scrolling through all the fun pages and selecting them click Next.
Here’s where you NAME your list and either make it available for the public, friends or your eyes only. Now… how do you find this handy list?
Open your regular Facebook page where you read all the posts from everyone. Right now it’s called the Newsfeed (I’m sure that will change). Look over on the left and you should see headings like Favorites, Groups, etc. Scroll waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay down to the bottom where you will see Interests. Ta-Da! There’s your new little list. Now you can click on that to see all your top pages updates. You can make new lists like this with your friends too. Like… maybe one for your kids? That’s a good one to be able to see all in one place. You can list your kids and their friends there.
Many small bloggers will be LEFT IN THE DUST with this little “you have to pay to promote your page” from Facebook. I hope this will help you keep up with them still and help some of them keep in touch with their favorite fans.


Kristal Hollis said...

Found post via Triberr's Global Stream. I shared via Twitter and FB. Didn't know about the expected change to Fan Pages. Thanks!

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