Garden Harvest for the Month

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Hubby actually got out into the garden and did a major harvest and cleaning. The majority of our plants are in a pitiful condition from the drought early in the year to the now cold temperatures with lots of rain. Everything is confused! But... we did get quite a bit of produce!

Tomatoes, watermelon (That are DELICIOUS! My first EVER from our garden!), peppers, cucumbers, way too many eggplant and some other miscellaneous veggies. The beans seem to be finished and we only got one round of them this year. They were very tasty though and I did get to freeze some of them too.

I was also able to get some canning done too. I love having sauce all ready to go at a moments notice! This is my pizza sauce but I also use it with other Italian dishes too.

Tuesday Garden Party
Of course, I decided to make this sauce on the same night that I needed it for something else and miscalculated my jars because of that. Whoops! That half empty jar is doing just fine though and it won't make it too much longer before it gets used too.

Have you gotten anything canned from this season?


Lisa {DoleValleyGirl} said...

Dee, Thanks for your sweet comment this morning. :) Pears are easy but time consuming due to the peals needing to be removed. I've not canned tomatoes but hope to this week. I'm jealous of your watermelon...we simply can't grow it in our climate. Blessings, ~Lisa

Yael from Home Garden Diggers said...

You have a very nice harvest. And delicious looking canned pizza sauce.

Yael from Home Garden Diggers

Rebecca said...

Canning is on my gardening bucket list. Hope to do some next year. You eggplants look amazing!

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