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Monday, August 13, 2012

I think everyone should have this category on their blog:

Why do I continue to eek out a few moments of my day to write and read blog posts? Why am I addicted to the blogging world? Why do I feel so connected in an online community of people I have never even met and most likely won't?

I know I don't blog because I'm all that interesting and everyone just hangs on my every word. I blog to record things for myself. I blog to hash over my issues and remember the fun things. Writing is a major form of communication for me and writing helps me so much! I feel like I can process things better that are written out and I love to reread crazy things just to remember them forever.

So I'm putting together a collection of posts that I will lovingly tag as "Why I Blog" because they are my fav's and they are my why I continue to blog.

What about you? Mark your posts and leave me a comment!


darlin said...

It's interesting to read why people blog, thank you for sharing yours. It has me thinking about why I blog. I started blogging to prove to myself that I could post one photo a day for a year, a P365. It was a family affair; sisters, nieces, my children and a few others were all partaking. Everyone started off the year in high spirits, and only two of us dutifully posted a photo a day for all 365 days. 3 1/2 years later, why do I still blog? I blog to remind myself that each and every day I need a bit of "me" time, I set aside at least 1/2 hour a day, if not an hour, to post and read others blogs. I've become passionate about taking photos and love to share them with the world. I adore the people I feel a close connection to whom I've met through my blog, two ladies I actually met in person while I was in Australia this year! When we met it was like I already knew them. I too am like you, I like to record what I've done, it's like a high tech journal, but I don't get too personal on mine usually. I end my days on a positive note and this helps me sleep with 'no worries' most of the time.

I think that I'll stop there, I've justified my blog enough now! LOL (I also love to laugh and have shared tons of late night laughter with other blog friends, they may be in bed, but I'm still up reading and writing, so they help break up the monotony of my studies.)

Also, one final comment, blogging is great therapy... or so I've read. Saves me money from seeking outside help! ;-)

Have an awesome week and thank you for your post, it has me thinking this morning.

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