Disappearing Garden Art

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

I am missing something in my garden! All the whimsy. All my special little pieces of artwork that I have collected. My garden decorations! They are GONE! Oh wait… not totally gone. Just hiding in the jungle.

Tuesday Garden PartyI can’t find most of them to even get pictures taken. I miss them but I know they will have their shining moment of decorating the garden this fall after the frost hits. Little bits of color amongst the brown.
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Added Note: Hubby cleaned up ALL the garden yesterday and harvested BOWLS of veggies. Loving that all the weeds are now gone… for now.



learning table said...

It's fun to see the progress in the garden in a measureable way. My kids enjoy discovering how tall and "jungley" ours gets this time of year.
Fun post!
Stopping by from the Garden Party.

Lisa Lynn said...

Hi Dee,
Thanks for stopping by to visit me at littlehomesteadonthehill@blogspot.com! I can totally relate to losing your garden art...my garden is a complete jungle right now!

If you would like to see more pics of cute little chicks, check out my other blog...

It's completely for fun :)

Yael from Home Garden Diggers said...


I know what you mean about disappearing garden art. Every year what was so prominent in March is buried or all but buried by August. Where did those garden gnomes go anyway. They must be playing tricks in the garden. My latest creation, a screen of contorted filberts is not almost indistinguisahable from my cape Fuschia. Hopefully we will find them by October or November, but then most of the flowers will be gone, sniff.

Yael from Home Garden Diggers

Beth said...

Wow - You do have a jungle now - and lots of wonderful fresh produce too! Isn't it amazing how much things change from early May to late August?

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