Tummy Growls…

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Remember my post about Is Noah Santa? Well… here you go again! Another funny little statement from Sweet Pea. Sometimes these happen so fast that I don’t remember to write them down. These might be from a few years ago but.. wow… Sweet Pea is something else!

The greatest thing is that Sweet Pea is dead serious when saying these things! Many of them just come out of the blue. We are all sitting around reading, practicing piano, working in our school books and BOOM! Sweet Pea makes a statement like,

Sweet Pea: ”My tummy is growling for Cake!”

Me: “Oh really?”

Sweet Pea: “No wait… my dot is snoring! That is just my dot sleeping.” (Insert the most endearing giggle here.)

And Sweet Pea is off to another Sweet Pea project that is always important and necessary but you never know where it will take you.

And just so you know, a dot is a belly button.


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