Zoo Visits for Spring 2012

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Yah… isn’t that weird? I am talking about Spring in July when actually all our weather up until this point has been blasted hot summer weather. We never really had Spring here but we have not missed a moment to get out and enjoy the zoo! We love to feed the giraffe (the baby is growing up faster than my own kids) and just wandering around in the many different "continents”.

Every year there is almost a battle over who will give us the gift of a zoo membership. It’s humorous actually! Our membership renewal is getting earlier each year too. First it started out as a Mother’s Day gift, then moved up to New Years, Christmas, Anniversary and it’s getting close to being early enough to be Father’s Day or Mother’s Day again. Hehe… We always announce when our zoo membership is renewed and the family members who missed it again that year always respond with a, “I missed that again?!”

Ah well.. maybe next year! So thankful for a loving family! Here’s some pictures that we have taken at the zoo over some of our past visits:
ZooTrip5-16-12ZooTrip5-16-12aZooTrip5-16-12b BilltheLionGiraffeIMAG0126JellyFishOtterPrairie DogPrairie Dog1

Love those prairie dogs being back! They are so funny!!
Excuse some of the over exposed photos…
mid-day cell phone shots aren’t always the best.

What is your favorite zoo to visit?
This post is linked up to Wordless Wednesay, even though it’s not wordless… but I think I have an even amount of photos per words this time? Maybe? Oh go check out some other sites that might follow the rules better. Hehehe…

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another jennifer said...

Love the pic of the peacock (that's a peacock, right?)! Zoos are great. Hoping to get to the Bronx Zoo when we visit NYC in a couple of weeks for BlogHer '12.

Dee - WishfulMe said...

@another jennifer

Yes, that is a white peacock! There are a few of them at the zoo. This is the only male one and he always puts on a show for us. Very pretty!

Have fun at BlogHer12!
Take care,

LivingforGod said...

Fantastic zoo photos! I can't believe you took them with your cell phone :).

Thanks for visiting my photo blog.

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