Growing Garden!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

My garden is growing and producing like mad. I’m worried because some produce already has signs of blight though. I am pulling those as I see them and allowing the others to continue in hopes that this will help/prevent further blight from happening. I am pretty sure it’s mostly because it’s so stinkin’ dry!
gardengrowingI have high hopes for the squash to be okay! So far they seem to be suffering the worst with the drought. Cucumber are just plodding along but I have lost a gourd plant. Even with constant watering!

I am most excited about these little beauties! From the time I took this picture (a few days ago) until now most of my little cherry tomatoes are now turning color! I believe I will have several cherry tomatoes ready for eating way before I ever have had any before. Love that!

And of course some of my flowers are doing okay. Not all of them… but some. I will say that last year my garden was a LOT more lush then this year. Sad… but I will work with it as best I can.

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SoCo mom said...

I'm sorry it's harder to keep your garden happy this year -- looks good, though!

Jami @ An Oregon Cottage said...

Oh, just looking at your summer veggies growing makes me think it's summer! Unfortunately, we're still drowning here-- hopefully summer will show it's face soon!

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