Blessings of PMS

Thursday, June 14, 2012

OverwhelmedYah… blink a few times. Rub your eyes. Did I really just say PMS and blessing in the title up there? I sure did. Now if I am actually within this lovely part of life, I would so totally punch anyone if they said this to me. Okay, so if YOU are there now take that as your cue to politely exit stage left and I ask that you please don't punch me on the way out?

Really though, I can get HORRIBLE during this week and cause a lot of additional stress due to PMS. Then, once it’s over, I can look back with a huge sigh of relief. PMS has a blessing of making the rest of my month look so relaxed, awesome and manageable. Manageable! That’s just the best thing ever. Something I know with me is that I get incredible feelings of just being overwhelmed very easily during PMS. It’s overwhelming how overwhelmed I make myself feel. Argh! And I even KNOW this at the time too! Double ARGH!

At any rate, a blessing of PMS is that it ends. It doesn’t last forever. I remind myself and my family of that every time it comes around. By my recognizing what is going on, it helps my family too. Yes, I tell them as soon as I sense that my lovely monthly visitor is upon me. I try hard to not work on things that may trigger my sudden feeling of sinking and when I tell my family what is going on I see how they also step up to help me out too. I love how they make me feel loved and yet hate that they even have to do that to help me through a rough few days. Of course, they may also do this to keep their heads. EEP!


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