I am Not Reading 50 Shades of Grey

Thursday, June 21, 2012

A twitter buddy (If I follow you on twitter and we tweet a conversation… you are my buddy. Hehe… ) of mine, Sawickis from Saving Dollars and Cents, created a post taking a stand as to why she is NOT reading 50 Shades of Grey. In her post she stated, “I felt like I was alone when I decided they weren’t for me.” Well, I’m here to say she’s not alone. I’ve told many people face-to-face that I do not intend to read them. And I mentioned on twitter that I never thought to say anything about it online.

I will admit that when this book first came out, I was intrigued but something felt wrong. There was so much hype about it and everyone seemed to love the book so much that I was curious what it was about still. I read a few reviews online and was immediately turned off to the idea of ever reading a book like that.

See, I realized at a VERY young age in my reading career that there are just some books best left on the shelf for me. I am the type of person who reads something and takes it to heart. Each story I read becomes a part of my story and will even shape my everyday activities. For example, if I am reading a high tension book I tend to be on edge a LOT and snap at my kids too much. If I am reading a spy or horror story, I start looking over my shoulder all the time and have troubles sleeping at night. Sooooo… with all that in mind I am careful about my reading selections. I push the envelope sometime because, well, I am an adult and can try to control my emotions more. But I am also a woman with a lot of emotions that tend to run away with me sometimes. I always tell Hubby that’s why he loves me. Hehe…

Also an even bigger reason for NOT reading this book is due to the fact that I have always felt an intimate moment between a husband and wife should be just that. Intimate. What is the definition of that word? I think society has completely lost sight of it.
A few definitions of that word Intimate:
  - very private; closely personal
  - deeply personal, private, or secret
I am so sick of seeing every little detail of a private (and often indecent) moment between a man and a woman (married or not) plastered on bill boards, ads, TV and movies. Sick of it. This book is one more example of how to not allow anyone any decent amount of privacy in their love life. One more way to kill that special bond between a husband and wife.

Right… I was on a soap box. Stepping down now. Hehe… Got a tad bit carried away there. (blushing)

Anywho! Not reading the book.
If your not, link up a post about it! No need to soap box like I did.
Hehehe… Just take your stand.
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I’m NOT Reading 50 Shades of Grey


Elizabeth Spence said...

You're stepping down from your soapbox, and I'm happy to take your place. This book gets me so fired up. Linking up right along with you!

Elizabeth@Warrior Wives

Dee - WishfulMe said...

Excellent post Elizabeth!

Thanks for stepping up on the soapbox. :)

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