Ultimate Blog Party 2012

Monday, April 16, 2012

I love a good party and 5 Minutes for Mom’s annual Ultimate Blog Party never fails as a GOOD party. As a imagematter of fact, it’s a GREAT party! If you are reading this post during the week of April 13-20 YOU still have time to join the fun too.  
I joined the Ultimate Blog Party back in 2010 and made sure to jump in again in 2011. I’m a little late getting in on the party this year, but that’s okay. This is a great motivation for me to get back into blogging!

In thinking back to the previous blog parties most of what I remember is my complete and total surprise at how many people stopped by my blog. It was so much fun to meet so many new people and I found a TON of blogs that I had to add to my reading list too. In 2010 I had a terrible time figuring out what to say about myself in my party post but did a giveaway. I think it was my first giveaway on my blog ever. I don’t think I’m very good at them. Hehehe…
In 2011 I had a lot of fun running around our house taking pictures of things to include in my post! I decided to repeat those images this year to see how things changed. 

IMAG0452 I still love gardening and I did get a late start on my plants indoors. They are doing really well though. For more information about how I start plants inside, come back tomorrow for a detailed post.

IMAG0450Our homeschooling has adapted and changed a lot. I outgrew our little shelf from 2011 and am even beginning to expand with more shelves this year already! With our second child experiencing bouts of CVS (Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome) and other symptoms I’ve had to keep adjusting things. It’s been a tough year but we are going to make it. Through school and through life.

IMAG0451 I’m not so half-baked with my CRAFTS anymore. I feel like I am with everything else though… I took on a part time job this year and then had to quit. It was the worst feeling to have to do that but it really made me re-work my priorities and work out a schedule that worked for all of us. I get a lot more side projects done around the house and fun projects with the kids. What’s suffered now is my blog. SIGH! Everyday is a reminder that I can’t do it all.
Something I am hoping to work on again would be my coupon classes. I’ve not taught one in such a long time now. I really miss them! I also am so wanting to redesign my blog! I took a new profile picture and everything for it… just never enough time to put it all together these days.

And in the spirit of my, “I wish I could get to this…” lifestyle right now I am going to go attend the Ultimate Blog Party twitter event going on RIGHT now! I wanted to join earlier but we had a string of doctors appointments today that have my head spinning and it’s developed into a lovely headache. I forgot all about this until JUST NOW. Talk about real time blogging. Your getting it right here.

Take care!


OneLittleMom said...

Showing some Blog Hop Love :)

Susann Gehring said...

Hi! love your site! Enjoying the party!

Ms POSH said...

You sound like a really busy person.
Stopping by from the UBP to say hello.
Have a great weekend!

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