Digging Your Own Hole…

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Excuses! They are so prevalent. Everyone can give you an excuse of why they aren’t coming to your party…

”I can’t come because my brother’s, best friend’s, mother needs me to change a light bulb in the attic that weekend sometime but I don’t know the exact time…. so I’m on call. To…. change a light bulb. Yah. You know how that is right? So sorry…”

There’s also an excuse for why you do the things you do…

”Oh, I know it was wrong for me to eat that last slice of cheesecake before going to bed. I just know that I wouldn’t be able to fall asleep in a pool of saliva on my pillow. Plus, there was only ONE piece left and I have FOUR kids. They would not have shared that the next day. So, I did everyone a favor and just ate it.”

That’s more like rationalizing things instead of an excuse. Hehe… And ummm… no, that’s not MY excuse. Ahem… moving on…

Excuses are EVERYWHERE. How about we give ‘em up? And just say…


How well would that work? Would the world simply stop turning? I dunno… apparently the massive amount of people I’ve spoken with recently find it necessary to give an excuse for everything. It’s just a pitfall with an in home business, isn’t it? Stop with the excuses already! It just shows that you don’t WANT to most of the time because of how off-the-wall they sound. Just say….

“Nope, can’t make it. Sorry!”

OH and please go back to treating the person you said no to as a normal human being. Not some alien that just sprouted two extra eyes and feet the better to see you with and chase you down. I have never tackled anyone who said no to me yet. I don’t plan on making it a practice. Would you?



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