Giving Back to Trick or Treating

Monday, October 31, 2011

I never “did” trick or treating while I was growing up. Was I deprived? Nah… I really didn’t know any better. It didn’t bother me and it still doesn’t.

I married into a trick or treating family though. Hehehe… My Mother-in-law is born in October and Trick or Treating is “her thing”. She is just all over this holiday! So with that, so is my dear Hubbie. What’s a new Mom to do with all this unknown holiday in front of her? I struck up a compromise! I think I think things through just WAY too much sometimes.

At any rate, our kiddos are permitted certain costumes for trick or treating. Nothing ghoulish or monsterish. It has to be a character, animal, plant or mineral. (We haven’t had a mineral yet, but one year someone did want to be a rock. That would be SUCH an easy costume too!) We have had a duck, Eeyore, bugs are popular, cow boy, horse, various sports, etc. This whole trick or treating thing is kinda fun!

Now here’s where I think too much the next thing we do. I want the kids to appreciate their overdose of sugary treats they are receiving from everyone so we have Thank You notes.

The kids have a blast decorating these each year and every house we visit receives one. The neighborhoods we visit know us by our cards and I have heard more than one person say that last years note is still on their refrigerator. A lot of people are just shocked that we took the time to do this.

Now you can too! Just click the image above or visit this LINK HERE. Download the image and print away! (Make sure you are set to landscape for printing.) We usually print on card stock and I let the kids use markers, watercolor, crayon, glitter glue, etc. It’s just a little thing.


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