Apple Days

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Or isn’t it an Apple a Day? Hmmm… We have done so much over the past few weeks with apples. I love fall! I love apple season! We took a field trip to the local apple orchard and picked way more apples than we can stand to use.
Do you have some creative things to do with apples?
We love applesauce, apple crisp, apple and cheese toasties, apple and peanut butter, apples a Nutella has turned out to be pretty yummie too!

The kids love gathering up the apples. I think Hubbie looks forward to getting his hands in a tree to help with the picking but once the kids figure out which apples we want, what flags to look for and find a tree they have arm loads picked before we even reach the tree! Hehee… Maybe next year we will do more than carry the bags around.

After we purchase our many apples the kids will each pick out an apple from our variety to eat on the way home too. And yes, of course, I clean them off before they dig in. Crunch Crunch Crunch all the way home. Such a fun fall tradition! Takes more time to drive to and from the orchard than it does to complete the picking though. Ah well…. still fun!

Soon it will be PUMPKIN DAYS. Do you think a pumpkin a day would keep the doctor away? Hehehe….


darlin said...

Yummm, apple crisp. I missed out on apples season this year, it totally slipped my mind so no crisp for me this year. Have you tried putting a pinch of cinnamon in your applesauce? I personally love it! Enjoy.

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