The Bee

Monday, October 24, 2011

I am terrified of bee's! I am also seriously allergic to bee's. Bee's don't seem to know this, understand this or care about this. That's a problem for me.

Today I received a package from the UPS man. I jumped for joy and did a little dance when the kids announced there was a delivery. SO excited! I hopped out the door to take the small package from him and shared with this poor man how excited I was to get this. Of course, his response is to grin and shake his head and the crazy women bouncing around on her porch. And as I happily skip back in the door an unwanted guest follows me. A BEE!

My excitement and dancing from receiving the package disappeared into screeches and frantic waving of the arms. The package I was so happy about now goes flying across the room onto the couch. All (ALL) of the kids are screeching and running in different directions. The dogs are barking. All because of a BEE! A BEE! I tell you what. I was NOT a happy momma. I grabbed a blanket from the couch and started moving it back and forth like a cape in a bull fight. Really all I needed was the right hat. One of my kids took the box off the couch and threw it at the bee. Normally that would have made me very angry... not right now.

I finally did usher the bee back outdoors with some interesting "cape" wielding capabilities I did not know I had. I slammed the front door closed and even proceeded to lock it. Because it is an unknown fact that bee's can open front doors. Sigh... My Hubby would make millions if he would just put up a camera in the living room to record our day. He just so doesn't know what he's missing. Hehhehe...

OH and my package. What was in it? Is it okay?! Yes... it's fine and it's a new hand held vacuum cleaner. It's so cute in it's black and yellow col...oring. Hmmm... Now wait a cotton pickin' second here! My new vacuum looks like a BEE! This is ridiculous... just ridiculous! I didn't notice that until JUST now. The next bee that comes in my house will be swept up in this bad boy.

Isn't it K-YEW-T?

I've already used it to clean up the kitchen floor. LOVE it! And yes, this is an affiliate link but Bissell has nothing to do with this post. I just like my new cute little, bee colored hand held vac and thought I'd share that small detail. The only bee colored thing I probably love right now. Really this post all started in my head from the jumping and screaming that occurred. Hehehe...

Off to sweep something!


darlin said...

I don't mean to laugh at you, I'll say I'm laughing with you k? :-) Please keep us posted how the new handheld holds up, I'd like something like this for my car but I've had various models and all duds.

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