Kitchen Showers

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Do you remember back when I talked about the danger in the kitchen? The kitchen seems to breed corrupt thoughts in our household.

lunchbrocSee, I was innocently cleaning the broccoli for lunch. No harm there right? I was using my enemy, the sink hose, to rinse them off. My oldest was lovingly working with me in the kitchen pulling what we needed out of the refrigerator and getting glasses of juice ready when suddenly… I sprayed them with the sink hose.

Oh I admit it. *I* did it! I sprayed my ever so helpful child across the room with the sink hose! I could NOT resist! The opportunity was too great. The suspense of the moment was thick! The look of pure shock because the usual orderly and mannerly mom just sprayed you across the room. Well… it was priceless!!!


Moral of the store: Have some fun today and keep your kids on their toes. Hehehe…


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