Danger in the Kitchen

Monday, May 16, 2011

There is a danger lurking in every kitchen. Ok, maybe not EVERY kitchen. In my current kitchen it is a big deal though. It’s something I never thought would be such a big deal either. Actually, when our home was built I was so excited to have it IN my kitchen! It’s turned on me. It’s turned against me. Do you have a sink hose in your kitchen?

Looks innocent enough doesn’t it? It sits there in your kitchen pretending to be of assistance to you. It looks brilliant in the idea of what it can do for you. Really, the sole purpose of the sink hose (at least in my kitchen) is to spray me at random moments. I have come to accept these little attacks as some sick joke. My family finds it all incredibly funny! I think I am just comedy relief.

I bet you thought I was going to discuss something about the toxins lurking under your sink right? Or maybe knives in a house with young children? Boiling water? Yah… well.. I am full of surprises and I am serious! That sink hose is dangerous! Hysterically dangerous…. (snickers)

It’s purely user error I am sure. I have been sprayed with this lovely little tool no less than four times in the past 3 weeks. I think exhaustion is getting to me and my body is trying to send me a wake-up-call. Whatever it is I know that someday I will not be so surprised and scream as a blast of water washes over me from the sink hose. There has to be a time that it becomes less shocking, right? Dripping wet, often from head to toe, in the kitchen. Something has to be done. OH! My helpful Hubbie has just informed me that I should just turn the water off before putting the hose away. And where has he been all these times? Right….. laughing at me from across the kitchen. Nice…


Jennifer-Eighty MPH Mom said...

ROFL...I can just picture it! Luckily we don't have one of those, because I can totally see this happening to me!

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