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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I have been homeschooling for years but this year is different. I think it’s even more difficult. I am working harder at trying to keep us on a schedule and that is exhausting. I miss our carefree attitude towards a day but yet I don’t because that carefree attitude came with lots of stress and a huge feeling of having no control over our day. All this work at keeping us on schedule hasn’t come over night either. It’s been a building process.

I started with meal planning. Granted, right now I am not where I want to be with it again, but I was planning meals a month at a time. This made life easier because I knew what to pull out each morning for dinner that evening. My Husband cooked MORE because he knew what was coming and I had meals planned according to the activities of the days too.

The kids have their own little calendar (that isn’t used much these days) that helped them grasp what happened each day. Now I can say a day and the kids just know what events are happening. I think this has helped them stay focused too because they know we will be leaving at some point in time and need to get this, this and this done before we do. Getting OUT the door is still an issue though. HAHAHA! Why is it that even with planning it takes up to an hour just to leave the house? If anyone ever asks, “when will you be here?” My response is usually “___ but give or take 20 min at least for the time warp in my garage.” Sigh…

Finally, I have work to do still in rearranging my schedule but I have found that showers in the morning…. they don’t work anymore. Just doesn’t add up for time. Plus, I HAVE to get to bed by 11pm and that doesn’t mean sit up reading or anything else. It’s in bed, lights out and head on the pillow. This is hard for me because I am a night owl and I have a bad habit of vegging out in front of the TV.

Welp, our school day is starting so I need to get this published. :)
Have a good day everyone!!


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