Thursday, August 25, 2011

I wish there was a magic button. I can push it and CLICK everything in my life falls into a nice neat schedule that I can handle and get everything done. Something that keeps PMS, chaos and telemarketer phone calls at bay. A button that helps me have a great meal plan, all the supplies and plenty of time (and strength) to make the meals each night. I’d love to have school time set aside, untouched by anything else and kids who have the perfect amount of motivation/desire to complete the assignments without getting distracted.

Anyone have one of those buttons? When you find one… can you at least share with me? Pretty please? I’m sure that would be a really BIG “best kept secret” though wouldn’t it?

Okay, so I don’t have this button and I am struggling. I knew when I setup this school year that I would run into issues. I’ve “done” homeschool enough years now that I know things have to be flexible and yet be a routine to complete it. How does that happen? A flexible routine. Is that even possible? Anyway… Everything else in my life is crowding in and I have to prioritize. Here’s my list. (I am not putting values or morals on here. I am only talking scheduling here.)

  1. Homeschool - Always needs to be first, especially during the school year, because it takes up the most time of the day.
  2. Meals - This happens three times a day and it’s right in the middle of school most of the time… so this should be next.
  3. Finances, Shopping and Coupon Planning - Maybe this should be BEFORE meals because I have to have this before I can cook right? Haha… At any rate, this needs to take presidency over anything following it so I am sure to have what we need for meals.
  4. Kids Activities - Trust me, they don’t have a lot of activities, but the ones they do I have to be aware of their schedules each day or I overlap things.
  5. Business - I’ve had a business for awhile it’s just not been in my focus because I couldn’t. (I’m still not sure if I can.) My dear Hubbie works hard to pay all the major bills in our household. We have a few floundering bills that I would like to help pay off faster and I miss having some extra money to go out on a (gasp) DATE or something. With everything going up in price our already tight budget has become strangled. We have no breathing room what so ever anymore. I hate it. I am going to help.

Notice there are things missing? I do… like time for me, time with my Hubbie and blogging. And I am missing time with my kids. Yes, we do school for at LEAST 4 hours per day altogether, but that doesn’t count as much as playing a game with them. I think I will be putting TIME WITH FAMILY as #2 and move everything down. This will hold time with kids and dates with my Hubbie. (I will get the money…. I have to.) Blogging, tweeting and all that stuff? Well… I want to cry, but I just can’t. I don’t know how I am going to put everything I have on this list into one week as it is. How would those fit in too?

If you see me online tweeting and blogging… WOWHOO!!! If not… now you at least know what I will be up to. :) I hope to get to blogging a little bit each week, but I know it will not be anywhere NEAR what it used to be. I will miss my online world a lot. It’s been so fun to get to know everyone on here.


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