Mom's Eat First

Thursday, July 21, 2011

There's something about lunch. I wait to long to make it? Don't eat enough at breakfast? Whatever it is as I am making lunch for the kids I find myself snacking on all the empty calories I stumble across. Soon I will have consumed a handful of chips, a cookie, maybe a slice of cheese or if I am lucky a few slices of fruit. Then lunch is made and I serve the kids only to find that I am now not as hungry as I thought for my sandwich.


To squelch this awful habit of mine I have taken to making my lunch first. That's right. You heard me. I make my lunch first! As in, before the kids. Awful of me isn't it? Then while I am making their lunches I am eating my real lunch, instead of a bunch of empty snacks. I am sure this small habit breaker is saving me about 500 calories a day or so. (It's been really bad lately with all the cookies and muffins. eep!) I eat a more balanced lunch now and while the kids are eating I can clean up the kitchen and prepare for the afternoon OR as a special treat I can read aloud to them while they eat. That is always fun and they are a pretty captive audience with their mouths full of sandwiches. Hehehee...

Do you have lunch making snack-attack issues? Would this work for you? Or is there something else you do to help?


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