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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I’ve just realized these pictures are OLD! Well… okay… not that old. They are missing quite a few things of harvest though. Like my HUGE bowl of beans and 3 more squash. I bet those pictures are still in the camera. I hope that’s where they are because the vegetables are not around anymore. HEHEHE… Here’s what I have that was harvested recently:

Harvest7-4Loving the raspberries, even if they are small. We are not getting ANY gold raspberries so I am guessing those are gone. (SOB) Sugar snap peas are finishing up and the tomatoes are starting in full force! We have too many to eat at times. Can’t wait to get enough for canning!

How is your garden growing?

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Melinda said...

Those berries look yummy! Not a ripe tomato here yet - I keep asking them to hurry up though!

Barb @ A Life in Balance said...

Our tomatoes are going full force. I've canned 2 batches already, and I'm collecting more tomatoes in the freezer for another batch, maybe tomorrow.

jen said...

Nice! Our garden is a little slow. We just started harvesting a few zuchini. Yours looks awesome!

Jessica said...

Those are some great, yummy looking pictures!

Pam said...

Looking good! Thanks for linking up!

Lynn said...

Your garden is looking awesome! :) I hope you find your pictures. I hate when that happens... you think you have a picture then you can't find it.

Jami said...

Wonderful! Though it's so hard for me to read about all you lucky ones who get tomatoes in July...*smile*

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