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Thursday, May 12, 2011

It is not easy finding supplements to my homeschool schedule. I am not talking anything really major either, I just want worksheets. Just fun, time-buster worksheets that are easy to accomplish. Things like crossword puzzles, word searches, word scrambles, mazes, etc are what I want. Maybe this shouldn’t be part of the school schedule? Are they a waste of time? I find that they boost confidence, teach following direction and teach historical events or science facts (sometimes). I want these kinds of things! And yet, as I scour the internet all I find are fee’s. Fee’s to print out 2 coloring pages, 1 word search and 1 cross word puzzle. Fee’s to print out a few mazes, maybe a mini book and another word puzzle sheet.

Fee’s! Fee’s! FEE’S!

I am very much tired of all these membership due sites. I could sign up with four of them right now and finally get the variety of fun worksheets that I am looking for…. but it would also total up to about $100 for the year. Ugh… My homeschool budget doesn’t have that in it right now. I have saved for other things.

And so my hunt continues. Trying to beat the fee’s….


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