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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Last week I had to move my plants outside because they were too tall to be under the lights. Plus they were FLOWERING! What did I do to make these monster plants?

Tomato Measure 5-11

I intend to get these guys in the ground this week because they have been outside on the porch tolerating (and loving) the weather! SO EXCITED! My Hubbie did get my fence up around my garden to keep the dogs out so they should be safe. I am worried about a resident bunny nest in the garden is all.

Tomatoes Outside 5-11

Now remember, that was last week. They are already several inches taller this week. I am so surprised at the growth! Everything is doing so well. My plants have become a bright spot in my world right now. With chaos reining everywhere else it’s a joy to work with my lovely growing greens!

My cold frame is doing excellent as well! I propped it open all last week so everything has doubled in size from this picture:

Coldframe 5-11

I love this thing! It is cheaply made, but with the protection of the front porch it has worked SO well!

Coldframe A 5-11

I also found a little buddy in my cold frame. He’s such a little cutie… do you see him? Here… how about a closer shot…

Coldframe Toad 5-11

EEEE! A TOAD! I wanna keep him! Can I keep him? Puh-leeeeez?! Sigh…. I need a little body of water in my garden to attract these little guys to it. I’d love their bug eating abilities in the garden! I think he’s already left the cold frame since I took this picture too. It’s gotten very warm out. Smart little guy though, don’t ya think? Hanging out with the warm, damp plants. He ate the spider that had me unnerved in there too! Kudo’s to any little toad that eats spiders! :)

Welp, I am off… I know this is more a wordy Wednesday post, but that’s okay right? I have missed blogging so much. I really hope that I can get used to this new schedule and get back to blogging. Today I just decided to toss all caution to the wind and do this regardless. So far so good.

Happy gardening everyone!!!

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Jami said...

You obviously have the touch with your seedlings- they love whatever you are doing. Your plants looked so healthy as you hardened them off, too- kudos! That's always my downfall... :-)

An Oregon Cottage

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