Ideas That Did NOT Happen

Monday, May 02, 2011

Last week I disappeared from the internet. I didn’t mind it at all really and I am having a hard time getting back into the swing of things with blogging… is that a bad thing? I am not sure. Blogging is my vent so that is missed but I am getting (somewhat) more done around the house and I am definitly spending loads more time with the kids. THAT is a good thing! Our new trampoline (thank you tax return!) has been an awesome addition to our backyard! LOVE it!

At any rate, a reason why I was hiatus is because my Hubbie took some time off of work to get things done around the house. Isn’t he so good? Well, the rain had other plans. He was going to work on things in the yard, like the fence I need around the garden. SIGH! It didn’t happen. I am so sad. I cannot plant in the garden without that fence due to the dog that digs. My plants are getting huge and planting season will be in ONE week! Ugh… I hope he can find some more time to get this done.

On the flipside he did get our vehicle’s oil changed, new tires, tires rotated and did the brakes himself. PHEW! That’s quite a bit in a weeks time in my book. It was nice having him home for a bit.


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