Judge to Quickly

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I was mad at someone. We fought. It wasn’t pretty. So when I received a mass email from this person that ended with an “In Him” statement… well… it kind of set me off again. Who do they think they are?! How could they put something like THAT at the bottom of an email to everyone after how they spoke to ME?! And than the whisper I heard grounded me to my knees:

”Judge less. Follow more.”


Oh how bad I am at judging others too quickly! Maybe the day I fought with this person was a really bad day for them and what I said set them off? Dredged up old feelings not even directed at me but made them feel the same? If I cannot try to “look at the big picture” for someone else, how can I expect that same curtsey to be extended to me on my bad days? At any rate, I need to give it up and just not jump to conclusions. It’s not my place to be the judge of anyone’s character.

We are all in process. ALL of us. Where we are at in our process is between us and God not us and everyone else and than God. It doesn’t work that way. Being in process means that we are not there yet so we are very far from perfect. I make a LOT of mistakes in my process. I dwell on them. Hash them over. Obsess on them! And often times make them again. I don’t know if anyone/everyone else does that too… but everyone else who is in process is not necessarily my responsibility to keep on track either. It’s not my job to worry about someone else in process. It is my job to keep myself in check.

I need to follow more and judge less. The following part of my process has definite issues with it right now. How? When? What do I do? All part of my process that I am working on right now.

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PS-The person I discussed in this post is not someone who would ever read this post. I have also extended an apology for my actions to this person already and it was received.


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