Allergy HELP Needed

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I am at a loss. Last night in bed I wanted to scratch the back of my throat out it was so itchy! This allergy business is driving me nuts. I think what bothers me the most is that I only seem to have reactions like this in MY bedroom. Ya know… the supposedly most relaxing place in your home?! ERGH! I have done everything I can think of to clean my bedroom up and it’s not working. Well, it’s working a little bit. Each night after each cleaning phase I was LESS itchy, sneezy and water eyed. I want it better NOW though. I was not bothered by ANYTHING in my room until just a little less than a month ago.

Awhile back I noticed some mold in our closet. I told Hubbie about it (mold is my main allergy) and he cleaned it up. Plus he wiped down the windows and several other problem areas in our house (areas that I was not having reactions in) that weren’t molding but did in the past. He bleached ‘em all. After that I did get a bit better. A few days later I started an overhaul on our room. Hubbie’s crazy work schedule helped me accomplish this because he wasn’t home so I could sweep, dust, move furniture, sweep, wash walls, etc without disturbing his sleep. And trust me… I did! Our room has never been so shiny and clean and yet, I am still sneezing, itching, etc.

What could it be?! What should I do?!!? I am at my wits end! I am about to start sleeping on the floor in one of the kids rooms. So tired of this…. I want a comfortable nights sleep. Our room is the only room in the house that I react to. It’s so weird! Maybe it’s just me? I’m allergic to our room?! ugh…



Dee - WishfulMe said...

Welp... Hubbie has found the mold again in our closet and he has treated it all on both sides. Went up in the attic and cleaned out the molded insulation even. Here's hoping tonight will be a good nights sleep!

Thanks Hubbie!

Dee - WishfulMe said...


No more mold issues at this house and I am sleeping... mostly... through the night. Hehehe..

Most nights the kiddos let me sleep at least.

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