I am Alone

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Just last night my sweet Hubbie took me on a date. A rare thing to be sure but this date was crazy! It included a one of a kind restaurant and a trip to a chocolate factory that is to die for! I was stuffed! And then, of course, what do two parents of four small children do to finish off the date? Well... You go grocery shopping of course! Hehehe... Is that just so not romantic? Ah well, it is to me now. Be married for 13+ years and have four kids. You will find that ANY time alone with your love is romantic! (oh and the date? No reason... Hubbie just felt like it. Isn't he sweet? Life has been crazy recently. Was so nice to spend time with just him.)

Now this morning something even more crazy has happened. I am alone! All of our kids spent the night away. ALL of them! First time ever! What am I to do with myself? My sweet Hubbie is not even here! There's no diapers, requests for pancakes and cartoons. No bickering over who fed the dogs and should feed the cats. No sudden screaming. No stomping like elephants through the house. It's completely quiet. And ya know what.... It scares me!

Am I really so defined by my family that being alone in the house is this weird?

I have thought of a moment like this before. Dreamed about it. I thought I would maybe pamper myself... Ya know... With mom things, like take a shower with no interuptions, eat a sugary bowl of cereal all by myself, do something that resembles a hobby that I never have time for or maybe even read something not Cat in the Hat? Watch a chick flick? Nope... Not happening... All I am doing is sitting here counting down the minutes of when I can call my kids, pack the van to go pick up my kids, what are my kids doing right now, did they sleep well?


I need to relax! This has got to be the weirdest mom moment in the book for me right now. Torn between actually relaxing and antsy to gather all my littles around me again.

Gonna go and umm... Hmmm... Oh I got it! Work on their laundry. Hehehe...


jen said...

That's so funny. I totally thought you would say that you talked about the kids during your entire date. We tend to do that. It is really hard to know what to do with yourself when nobody is around if it's been a while since it's happened.

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