Kitchen Floor Therapy

Monday, January 10, 2011

We are working our way back into a routine again after having so many changes to our schedule for the holidays. It’s nice to have activities again but I do not look forward to all the running around chaos. Amid all this chaos my second born has been mentioning (in no subtle ways) how unloved they feel. I am knocked over at the idea that any of my children feel unloved. This has been an eye opener for me.

At first I felt VERY offended that any of my children thought themselves unloved… but decided that was going to get us no where. I started asking questions. LOTS of questions. I may even over analyze this. Hehe… I think I have found it as a perception issue. Am I the only one who believes in the idea of a “middle child syndrome”? I have strong belief that middle kids have issues with feeling accepted. Maybe it’s really just my middle kids? I dunno…

Right in the middle of a school day during a rather crazy melt down from this middle kid we sat down on the kitchen floor and had a serious conversation. Nothing like living in the moment, huh? I hope we are working through things. I keep explaining that I don’t love them less or more than any of their siblings. I love them all different. I can’t love their siblings in the same way I love them and vice versa because they are all different. I love them unconditionally the way they need to be loved. How else should I state this? I am trying hard to reach out, cuddle, praise, reassure MORE but I feel a mutiny will be afoot if this continues on from the other kids. Soon all of us will be meeting on the kitchen floor to have some therapy sessions. Hehehe… Probably not…

The uncertainty from this kiddo could just be from the latest schedule change and the fact that my parents were out of town for an extended vacation. (Change is not easily handled by this kid.) I dunno… All I know is that I don’t want them to continue down this path and I am glad that we are at least discussing it with openness. All I can hope is that we can continue to work through it instead of it getting bottled up and sprung on me later.


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